The Importance of Designing an Incident Plan for College Campuses

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Violence is a problem everywhere you look, but solutions are hard to come by. Human nature provokes unusual and often unpredictable responses to emotion that are hard to predict and control. The college environment is one that is generally accepted as safe and protected, but that is not always the case.
Rare, but devastating incidents have occurred on campuses across America throughout the last thirty years leaving many administrators, parents and students scared and confused about their own personal safety. The Virginia Tech massacre that occurred in April of 2007 witnessed 32 people being shot down in cold blood by a disillusioned student. Government forces will also commit bloody and violent acts of violence in chaotic situations seen in the Kent State massacre in 1970. In 2008 a young male student shot three people in a school shooting at Northern Illinois University, once again demonstrating the violent tendencies at school.
Nicolletti & Bollinger (2010) suggested that " many of these forms of violence are difficult to comprehend. They are even more difficult to control. Because the majority of campus violence cases occur among people who know each other and are often under the influence of alcohol, there tend to be many mitigating circumstances that make reporting violence complex, " (p.228). Therefore creating a comprehensive campus incident plan should incorporate these hard truths.
A solid incident plan designed for college campuses should be infused with certain
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