The Importance of Developing Nutrition Programs for University Students in Halifax

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Introduction and Background This research will try to use quantitative method to find the associations among fast food consumption, body weight and nutrition education level. Aim of this research is to understand determinants that contribute to this education situation in Halifax. Furthermore, result of this paper may provide the direction of public health promotion. Literature Review In recent years, studies have focused on factors which may influence fast food consumption and weight gain among young adults. A great number of studies have focused on the social factors and individual factors in human beings. The goals of those studies are to help reduce fast food consumption and providing health promotion in young adults. Therefore, developing effective healthy project for young adults is significantly for most countries. One of the factors affect obesity is nutrition education level in public health. A number of researches emphasize the importance of education level in health promotion. Human beings can get benefits from nutrition education programs in health club, community activities or from the media. For instance, in some programs, it could invite professional dietician assess individual situation and then provide specific recommendations for individuals (Clark, 1998). In addition, from personal perspective, nutrition programs could provide personal health beliefs and awareness of avoiding junk food which plays positive effects on healthy eating as well (Hattersly,

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