The Importance of Developing a Detailed Ethical Code of Conduct: Project Mill Case Study

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Ethical dilemmas make organizational decisions very problematic. And for this reason, it is good to develop a detailed ethical code of conduct before the organization starts functioning because this makes it easier to make tricky decisions as and when they appear. It is what Project Mill must do before it starts the fundraising process. The fundraiser manager needs to understand that few years down the line someone will definitely raise the question about the ethical practices of the organization and hence there must be a code of conduct in place so not only the organization can stay true to it, but it can also convince others of its ethical beliefs. Answer 1: It must be known that any activity performed by a group of people or an organization must stand true to the purpose of the organization or integrity can be seriously hurt. There is an ethical dilemma involved when just for the sake of money, people would compromise on their rules and beliefs and join hands with popular people who have completely different stand on various subjects. The community should raise funds by holding concert that would include bands with less controversial lyrics and those who have a neutral stance. This would make it far easier to convince others in the long run that committee truly stands for what it believes in. We cannot only view short term solution to everything because short-time can often mislead us. It is the longer view that we must keep in sight. How will we justify later that
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