The Importance of Discipline

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The Importance of Discipline
By: Alexis Wagner
June 14, 2013

The dictionary definition for discipline is “a branch of learning, training that develops self-control.” Discipline to me is a form of work that takes time; but, in the end works for your good. A person can be someone “disciplined” or taught a new way of doing something they can’t or don’t want to do, or be self-disciplined, already possessing an inner strength of mind and determination to do these things own their own. (Control is a key factor in self-discipline.) Mastering the ability to make yourself do something over and over again until you get it right is self-discipline. Without discipline no one would push themselves or be pushed by others into achieving things
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Obedience is being willing to do a command , being able to follow instructions, being able to do things as they were told (meaning correctly), and being able to do this when they were told. Obedience shows a common feature that we see with discipline.
If you can sing very well but your singing coach wants you to sing it an octave higher, that is an example of where discipline is needed. You need to first accept the fact that the coach is trying to help you and improve your singing abilities. You have to get out of your comfort zone and work towards hitting that note and achieving that goal. Instead of you looking at the task as a form of punishment, you should look at it as reaching a higher ground, or going to the next level in your singing career. All of these things you must do to accomplish that one task, and not only will it require dedication, it will require discipline, not only for others but for you.
Discipline in schools may reduce the violence and vandalism and help students to focus better on their studies and future careers. Discipline is important in the households most of all. Parents must raise their children in a pleasant and disciplined atmosphere. They should teach them the right values. They should themselves lead an orderly life so that their children can learn from their examples. Talking less in class, raising your hand, asking questions, talking softer, and speaking up are all things people
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