The Importance of Diversity Management

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The need for communication within the organization is now as critical as external communication. The reason for this is grounded in rising diversity issues which can lead to cultural clashes and sexual harassment issues but that is not all; conflicts of any kind can be detrimental to the performance of the entire organization and hence we need more effective communication strategies to deal with all these issues in the workplace. diversity management is one of the key issues facing corporate America today. Higher number of female workers along with influx of immigrants from various racial and ethnic backgrounds in the workforce has prompted a need for diversity management because lack of the same can cause serious legal and performance problems. Diversity management refers to the strategies that seek to create a positive and healthy environment for everyone at the workplace. In more meaningful terms, diversity management is any effort made to train managers and other employees to get along with each other in a more positive manner. Diversity management is closely connected with good overall performance because it results in reduction of costs associated with unnecessary turnover, employee clashes, and lawsuits. Another major reason why companies perform better is because of the positive reputation they enjoy in the market when diversity management is in place. If a firm is known to be an equal opportunity provider that makes every effort to handle diversity in an
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