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Browne 1
Patrick Browne
Mr. Slade Boondocks Driven Satire
Sunday nights on Cartoon Network has become fertile ground for some of the most side-spitting, razor-sharp humor on this side of a cable box. The show concepts that constitute the "Adult Swim" block of programming on CN has drawn its fair share of rave reviews and harsh criticism from anybody willing to offer an opinion. For Afro-American viewers, no show represents that aforementioned razor's edge quite like Aaron McGruder's comic strip creation, "The Boondocks". The first season of the weekly series found every way possible to poke humor at many of the events, individuals, and situations we see around ourselves on a daily basis. In some cases, the biting satire that's
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Since 2005, Aaron McGruder has brought the previously unexposed taboos of Black American culture in its most raw and comedic form to the forefront of this country’s conscience through our TV screens. The tales of Huey, Riley, and Granddad Freeman’s migration from the Southside of Chicago to the lily white suburb of Woodcrest has endured its share of controversy. From public condemnation by Rev. Al Sharpton to threats of legal action by BET, The Boondocks, one of the most watched shows to be broadcast on Adult Swim, goes straight for the jugular of many of the most famous and infamous figures of our generation. As the main character on the show, Huey’s neo-Black nationalist views have been the centerpiece of some of The Boondocks’ most memorable moments. From blasting MLK for
Browne 4 repeatedly saying ‘nigga’ on the “Return of the King” episode to calling Ronald Reagan a devil, Huey and his militant antics made way for more serious issues to be addressed. The way he schooled Granddad about the origins of Christmas and dropped knowledge about the negative and nostalgic images shown on cable giant Black Entertainment Television were classic and unprecedented. His less informed and gangster inclined little brother Riley barked ‘Ain’t nothin’ wrong with BET’, while he punctuated every sentence with an unapologetic ‘nigga’. Other episodes like “The Hunger Strike” and “The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show” ridiculed BET to the point where they pressured Sony to ban
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