The Importance of Education

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However, when students drop out of school, they usually do so by the end of their first year. This is true of transfers as well as new freshman. Often, the source of attrition is a poor match between the abilities and attributes of the student and the support offered by the university. Students lack the necessary academic and social preparation to thrive within the university community (Lau 2003).
This is particularly true of students of diverse backgrounds. Students from historically-underrepresented groups may not have as strong a foundation of basic skills, because of inequalities within the educational system and the personal stresses they experienced growing up. They may have additional emotional and psychological stresses adjusting to college, because they feel as if they are socially and economically inferior to their fellow students and professors. The independence of college can be overwhelming, and seeking out support services may make them feel like failures. These problems are compounded for international students, who may face language and cultural barriers that impede their adjustment to the university community. Also, they do not have the…
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