The Importance of Education Essay

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The Importance of Education
Kandace L. Cottrell
Eng 102
Normand Hays

The Importance of Education
Why do we say that everyone must obtain an education to be successful in life? This is one of many questions that people ask about education. Some people ask: what does acquiring an education do for someone that just wants to go to work after he or she finishes high school? He or she may think that it is possible just to graduate from high school and start working. Well it is possible, in some occupations but for those people who want to have a large amount of money and have the best job, well they need an education. I will talk about many reasons that an education is important and many things that will affect his or her life
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People that have an education make more money than those people who do not have an education. It is often possible that someone that does not have an education can be making more than someone that does. I know someone that owns his own business because he took it over when he was young and he does not have any education, and he is making more than my aunt who has an education. This does not always happen and for the most part everyone in this world should get an education. In some jobs you are paid by your education. Like teachers can get paid up to almost $30 dollars an hour if they have a master’s degree. Sometimes it does depend on what district and school you are teaching in.
There are more advantages to having an education than there are in failing to have an education. My advice to everyone is that you go out and get an education because it will be worth it in the end. I know that for a while everyone was saying that as long as you have a high school diploma you can make the money you want, that is not true. We should know that is not true because to make the money a doctor makes you have to have an education to be a doctor to make the same money as he or she does. We should also know that we cannot make money and keep a job without having the best education there is possible. I have a chart that will show some of the advantages to having an education and the disadvantages to failing to
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