The Importance of Education in The Republic by Plato

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Due to this, he is very concerned with the issue of education and how it will be addressed in the state that he and his fellow companions hope to design and build. He talks about how important education is in achieving this idea of justice and morality. Furthermore, I believe that many of the concepts he brings about relating to this subject are still very valid today and can be applied worldwide. Plato believes that education is necessary for the rulers of cities to be effective and that it is the only way to truly understand and achieve the goal of providing and looking out for the citizens of any state. One of the reasons Plato finds education such a necessity and regards it so highly is that it is required to even understand the concept of true justice and being able to distinguish it from injustice. Now although the major point of this book is to establish a meaning for justice, he believes that education is key and it is clear that all the people he associates with in the story are well-educated high members of society. Having knowledge on this subject and many others will allow those that eventually become guardians to tell when something is not just or is at least not beneficial for the well-being of the citizens. Education is also a major factor in understanding the soul and the…

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