The Importance of Effective Communication

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Communication is one of the most important concepts in the contemporary society and it is largely responsible for most successful relationships today. With billions of verbal and non-verbal messages being sent on a daily basis it is essential for society to acknowledge the importance of making communication as effective as possible. This means that people need to have a complex understanding of the process by analyzing factors responsible for making communication effective and factors responsible for making it ineffective. Communication processes where individuals fail to effectively put across their thinking can cause confusion, frustration, and a low self-esteem. Clarity is probably one of the principal factors that make it possible for effective communication to occur. People often develop complex thought s in their minds, but fail to effectively put these respective thoughts across as they perform a leap from mind to mouth. The content needs to be precise in order for the listener to understand what the speaker wants to say. Consistency is also especially important when considering effective communication, considering that the listener needs to be certain that the speaker is reliable and that he or she expresses thinking that can be taken for granted. "Consistency is especially important when you have published your policies and procedures in a handbook or other written document" (Arnold 18). The person sending the message needs to be precise and exact while
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