The Importance of Emotional Intelligence In Kreamer´s Article Go Ahead - Cry At Work

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For decades men have dominated the work force of America. It was not until recently that women began entering the business world and to this day they continue to battle for equality in the workplace. Leadership positions and salary negotiations are what normally come to mind when discussing the obstacles that women face at work. An article that appeared in Time Magazine called “Go Ahead- Cry at Work”, by Anne Kreamer, discusses Kreamer’s personal challenges with expressing her emotions at work, along with the overall struggle that women face when trying to find a “socially appropriate way to express legitimate anger in the workplace” (Kreamer). The article discusses the need not to eliminate emotion from the work place, as many people…show more content…
Where as the same study showed that men who use anger were given the chance to justify their emotion by the situation they are put in and not judged unfairly (Kreamer). The stereotype that women are sensitive and nurturing has enabled them to be seen as competitors in the business world and because of this study they now feel the need to refrain from displaying their emotions completely to be seen as a competitive candidate for a job. “Emotionality at the workplace is not a female issue, men and women are equally driven by it, even if the emotions are sometimes expressed differently” (Kreamer). When Kreamer was confronted my her boss, Mr. Redstone, her initial reaction was to begin to cry, but some how she refrained from doing so because she thought that she would be viewed by her coworkers as unprofessional or weak. She later decided that employees should feel free to express their emotion in the workplace, especially by crying because it “stimulates the production of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine and restores emotional equilibrium” (Kreamer). While it may seem that crying can be beneficial, there is a place and time for conveying certain emotion. For Anne Kreamer, the Vice President of the consumer products and publishing division at Nickelodeon, letting out a few tears in the confinement of her

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