The Importance of Entrepreneurship and Small Business in a Worldwide Context

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Entrepreneurship Report List of contents: 1 Introduction 2 Definition of enterprise, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship 3 Skills, attributes and behaviours of entrepreneurs 4 The importance of enterprise, entrepreneurship and small business in the context of the wider economy as well as the individual or team. 5 Stages necessary to evaluate a new business idea 7 Summary and recommendations 8 List of references Introduction This essay is about entrepreneurship. The world is changing and the role of the individual has become increasingly more important, with individual entrepreneurship becoming more and more necessary for economic success. Definition of enterprise, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship Entrepreneurship is the process of creating something new with value by devoting the necessary time and effort, assuming the accompanying financial, psychic and social risks and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction and independence. Enterprise describes a readiness to act boldly to get something started,. Enterprise Another meaning of enterprise is "a business venture," like a frozen yogurt enterprise. It requires a lot of determination, hard work and the steady belief that people will love your yogurt. People will say you show extraordinary enterprise for your willingness to take on such a challenging project, meaning you have initiative and drive.
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