The Importance of Environment Friendly Urban Development

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One of the ways this can be done is by "going green" - and that is possible not only in rural and suburban areas, but also in urban environments. The term "going green" is not literally related to a color, but instead refers to the process of finding sustainable and reusable materials and methods. That keeps people and businesses from having to seek out and obtain new resources in order to continue the survival of a person, building, community, or even an entire country.

There are those who have taken it upon themselves to try and incorporate renewable energy and sustainability into various fields, including into the field of urban development and construction. By incorporating political approval and support, support from the general population, and the modeling of future green projects on those already completed, a community can move into future projects that focus on sustainability and renewable resources.

The first step to achieving sustainability is the incorporation and financing of green programs by the government (Fuchs, 2010). The link between urban development and sustainability for the betterment of all citizens of a region, city, or state has to be made clear to the population, so they can become invested in the process as well. The…
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