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Enzymes - are biological catalysts of protein nature, they have the ability to activate a variety of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms. Enzymes produced in any living cell and can be active in and outside the cell. The actions of enzymes strictly specific, only a specific substrate can bind to a specific enzyme. Therefore, the name consists of the name of the substance on which they operate and end with "-ase". For example, an enzyme that cleaves sucrose called sucrase, for lactose - lactase. Enzymes have very high activity. Negligible dose of them is enough to turn huge amounts of substance from one state to another. Enzymes are characterized by certain properties. Certain enzymatic processes are reversible; depending on…show more content…
(Worthington). However, if we drop the temperature to optimal (for example 35°C) some enzymes possibly will go back to their normal state and continue carrying on the metabolic reaction.
In conclusion to my data and my hypothesis on the temperature, my data does prove that with an increase of a temperature the enzymes work much faster diluting the cow’s milk and breaking down glucose at the higher temperature and at lower temperature they stay the same and we see no or very little amount of reaction taking place.

The hypothesis for substrate concentration of the experiment is that enzyme concentration rate of the enzymatic reaction increases with increasing concentration of the substrate. (Kimball)
Dilution (% cow’s milk) Glucose (mg/dl)
0 0
25 500
50 1000
75 2000
100 2000

As we can see from data and graph J-2, maximum reaction rate is never achieved, but there comes a point where a further increase in substrate concentration will not have any noticeable change in the reaction rate. It’s explained by the fact that at high substrate concentrations of the enzyme active sites of the molecules at any given time are substantially saturated. Thus, no matter how much there is free substrates floating around, it can connect with the enzyme only after the substrate - enzyme complex is finished and substrate that is on active site turned into a product and the enzyme can bind to a new substrate again to repeat its cycle. Only way we can
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