The Importance of Eradicating Workplace Discrimination

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In the changing business environment nowadays, organizations need to differentiate themselves to gain competitive advantages to survive. One of the most important advantages is workforce diversity. Because “A well performing team will create additional value to a company by combining individuals’ strengths and take advantage of synergies that may exist, thereby making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.” (Holtzman p.75). Hence, the requirement of workforce diversity, especially heterogeneity is a must in the twenty first century. The benefits of heterogeneity are unparalleled. With a combination of a diverse set of skills, talents and experiences, a heterogeneity team can offer multiple viewpoints and ideas, leading to innovative…show more content…
Older workforces are perceived as too conservative, costly and have shorter work live span compared with younger workforces. However, studies are showing that “The majority of employers found older managers to be more productive than younger ones”. The two distinctive advantages of the older workforces are knowledge of procedures and ability to interact with customers. (Dennis p 85-86) These perceptions make the use of human resources ineffective and place a tremendous burden to the society in the long run. Age diversity bring both productive and contrary to the organization. The role of the leadership is to promote productive and balance out contrary. One of the solutions for age diversity is to encourage age as a significant component in all diversity training and conduct intergenerational training, communication, and team building. In fact, some employers are making their move to solve the ageism issue such as recognition programs and knowledge-retention approaches. Recognition programs are acknowledgement of contribution for senior employees after a certain period of time like ten, twenty or thirty years. Knowledge-retention approaches are cross training between a senior and a freshmen or a junior to “rehire” the knowledge of senior workforces. (Dennis p87) If these programs are implemented well enough, organization can use age diversity as a supporting force to bring the organization to a new
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