The Importance of Establishing Control Measures: Call Center Case Study

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Call center: Control measures "At the core of any account relationship is client service and a human connection to a service industry. That's why employees' behaviors significantly influence client retention and loyalty" (Chandler 2009). Virtually everyone who has ever called into a 'call center' has received the warning 'this call may be recorded for quality control purposes." Recording calls with customers is an excellent way to monitor the 'real life' interactions of employees with members of the public. Unlike a staged scenario, employees must spontaneously react to customers with unusual or unreasonable demands and manage them in a manner that is emotionally sensitive yet still protects the brand image. And, of course, the knowledge that they are being recorded can make employees more mindful about being on their 'best behavior' when speaking to a caller. However, while regular monitoring of calls is important, it is still vital that employees are trained before they are exposed to customers. Employees should have something of a set 'script' or guidelines regarding an acceptable greeting, possible responses for anticipated requests, and a send-off that is positive and affirms the mission and vision of the company. Thus, the first 'control' measure is effective training with feedback, so employees have a good sense of how to deal with customers then they are better able to offer quality service to customers. Training also establishes the accepted standards that
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