The Importance of Fairytales

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Introduction: I chose to research the genre of fairytales because the genre retold by Grimm’s caught my attention. Fairytales in modern day usually have a happy ending after the good versus evil concept. Rapunzel specifically, isn’t told in its original form.Theres much more darkness and even though happily ever after is in play, not all fairytales end that way. Fairytales have much more depth than people realize in modern day. It portrays the real struggles we face growing up. In Rapunzel, her mother gave her away and she was raised by an enchantress who locked her away. This very much explains child abandonment or a child that has been given up for adoption and the things they face growing up.Theres a connection between these…show more content…
I went to school the next day to talk to my teacher because I couldn’t start my rough draft without the steps that I turned in late. I finally had all the research I needed, a week and a half late. The Find: Fairytales appeal to this generation because of its creative ability to highlight true life situations. Fairytales are stories that were meant to not be true but Grimm’s wrote fairytales in a version that indeed express truth. Grimm’s authorial experience was ironic. Grimm tricked you into learning the experience of others with magic, loves, morality and other elements that impacted people from generation to generation. Neil Gaiman said: “Fairytales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten “(Quotes about fairytales, Par1). Grimm and Gaiman had similar opinions, the understood the subliminal message behind fairytales. There were many unknown things to be revealed in these stories but there was always curiosity as to the lengths that Grimm’s, for example, would go to expose it. “Grimm’s Cinderella was to expose certain dark parts of parental teachings and the journey of the stepchild” (New Statesman, 1996). There’s a pattern in these stories, it seems to have a strong woman as a lead and magic incorporated to save the day. In Rapunzel she is given up to an enchantress, there’s magic in her tears that later restores the vision of her true love.
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