The Importance of Faith of God in the Life of Abraham Essay

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The Importance of Faith of God in the Life of Abraham Abraham is the first of the three men who are called the 'patriarchs', or fathers of Judaism. The other two are his son Isaac and, and his grandson Jacob. Abraham is not only an important person for Jews but also for Christians and Muslims, he is the father of all three religions. For the Jews, Abraham is the father of 'monotheism', which means faith in one God. He, it is believed, was the first to teach that there is only one God who created the world, and only God should be worshipped. If someone was to have faith it would mean they are obedient to God, and, abandoning all self-interest and self-reliance, trusts God completely. In Abraham's…show more content…
He was trusting God to provide for him and give him safety. So, by God telling Abraham to leave Haran and go to Israel and Abraham accepting, it shows just how great Abrahams faith is, as he is willing to risk everything he has - without knowing what he was to do or where he was to go. However, although this primary incident shows the extent of Abraham's faith, it does not continue in the way. Part of God covenant with Abraham was the He would provide Abraham with a son. Sarai did not believe she would be capable of bearing a son given her age so suggested Abraham used Hagar to have a child. He did so. Once Hagar fell pregnant she began to despise Sarai and Sarai treated her so badly that Hagar chose to leave. God then talked to Hagar and told her to return, she did so and had a son, Ishmael. Sarai adopted Hagar's son as it was practice that all that belonged to the slave belonged to the master/mistress, including children. Overall, this event shows a lack of faith in God on the behalf of Abraham. This is because God had promised ham a son, Abraham did not believe Sarai would be capable of having a son so accepts his wife's proposal and turns to Hagar. He did not believe that God would provide, therefore showing he lacked faith. Abraham took the mater into his own hands and did what he thought would work, without consulting God. He was more interested in
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