The Importance of Fashion as a Social Hierarchy Statement Essay

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Society is constructed in such a way that some people become inferior to other people because of how society treats certain individuals. Fashion has become a catalyst that leaves a gap between the lower class and the upper class; this brings out the aspect of social structure as it ranks categories of people in a hierarchy,( Macious & Plummer, 2008).Bourdieu’s concepts of field, habitus, social capital and cultural capital gives an illustration of the elite and the lower class in terms of their fashion taste. This essay consists of three parts; the first part will look at the London Fashion Week applying Bourdieu’s concepts, the second part will describe the difference sorts of capital required for elite women to join the ‘secret club’ of…show more content…
The London Fashion Week has different kinds of tickets because there is also a division among the elites, this is because the elites with greater status sit in the front and get special treatment. (Entwistle & Rocamora, 2006) add that the show cannot start without the VIP hence bringing the aspect of cultural capital as such people are treated with respect. The reason why some people want to be part of the London Fashion Week is because the catwalk theatre is a particularly visible realm where identities are created through visible performances, (Entwistle & Rocamora, 2006) people want to belong into a certain world thus one’s taste of fashion shows who you are. The elite have their own way of greeting as evident by the air kiss they give one another showing field’s habitus as the poor cannot get such a greeting thus a hierarchy is brought out as not all people get that kind of a greeting. There are boundaries during the London Fashion Week as there are gatekeepers that allow or deny entrance to the field; some are excluded from the show because of their low status. The field fashion is like doors which one unlocks in order to gain various accesses. To be in the show one must have a ticket and, one’s social capital determines one either to be in the exhibition hall or to be in the catwalk theatre. This is so because not everyone can gain access to the event unless there are belonging to the field; as when one is in the field there also gain a
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