The Importance of Fashion in the Modern World

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Fashion is something that keeps on changing and because of its change, fashion effects our lives nearly in every aspect like language, furniture, homes, cars, clothes, food and many other things. There are trendsetters and trend followers with different degrees of adaption but here trend is a broader term pertaining to style & design, deriving from cultures, social, or many other factors of which fashion is a manifestation. Fashion has become one of the most important aspect of life in today’s life. Fashion has become central to modern life; drives the economy, influences tastes, defines individuals and groups, mediates communication, fulfils contrasting needs and desires. It turns out that celebrities’ seeming love for the fashion industry actresses wearing dresses or sitting front row at fashion shows might not be so genuine after all. Designer Nicole Farhi broke a long standing secret in the fashion world: that celebrities are paid to attend fashion shows and wear designer garments. The Daily Mail reported that pop stars are paid close to $100,000 to lend their celebrity to high end fashion shows for the last 25 years.
The term fashion seems very close to the term trend. Earlier discussion elaborated on both fashion and trend as a constant process of change, in which novel ideas which represent the spirit of the times, i.e. the Zeitgeist (which may manifest in dress, products, style or messages), emerge, become adopted and spread through the population through human
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