The Importance of Feedback During Training

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Although people devote a lot of their communication time listening, nearly all don’t listen as well as they must. Twenty-four hours after you hear a speech, a class lecture, or a sermon, you have forgotten over half of what was explained. And it becomes even worse. In additional twenty-four hours, you have forgotten one half of what you kept in mind; therefore you really keep in mind just a quarter of the lecture. Interpersonal listening skills might be worse. Whenever you listen to a speech or lecture, you have got a clearly defined listening role; an individual speaks and you are expected to pay attention. However in interpersonal scenarios, you might have to alternate rapidly between talking and listening. This takes significant skill and attention. Frequently you are thinking about what you wish to express next, instead of listening. (Steven A. Beebe, 2008) I can recall when I used to work for White Castles. I was working there at the time for I wish to say roughly three years. One of the District supervisors appreciated the way in which I was managing business with the clients keeping them out and in. Therefore, one day he informed me that he desired to make me a tutor. I needed to go to a class nearly daily for orientation. I was informed to have notes as the teacher was giving the demonstration. I made notes to the best of my capability, however simultaneously my mind was on something different. I needed to listen to everything which was explained and which was
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