The Importance of Fluency and Accuracy in Language Learning

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Acknowledgments: This work gratefully acknowledges the help of many individuals, who had contributed in doing this study. First, I would like to thank my module coordinator Mrs. Sanghvi for her effective feed back on my papers. Second, I would love to thank my family and especially my father Dr. Talib for his support of my work. Also thanks for every effort that has been made by my uncle Mr. Ghalib Al-Bir. Thanks to all members of the English department in Al-Rustaq Applied Sciences College, who answered the questionnaire.

Abstract: This research is about the importance of fluency and accuracy in language learning; either as a second or a foreign language. It is found out that fluency is more
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On the other hand, accuracy may be defined as the ability to produce correct sentences using correct grammar and vocabulary (Harmer, 1991). The accurate learner is required to construct a clear and correct grammar whether it was written or spoken (Brown, 2001). Furthermore, accuracy indicates a lot of applications or activities, such as grammar exercises and gap-fill exercises in textbooks. Accuracy is given more importance by some traditional teachers rather than fluency. As Harmer (1991) puts it, many traditional teachers would assess their students only for accuracy. In addition, teachers assess their students for their accuracy in several areas. For example, they would assess them on self-corrections, grammatical errors of verbs and articles and also on their use of appropriate vocabulary (Ellis, 2003). Previous researches and studies have observed that fluency is the most attractive area that motivates students to learn another language, and it is the main thing that leads to language proficiency. According to (Tracey, et al, 2008), Fluency improves more chances to learn a language either inside or outside the classroom. Also as Tracey (2008) has argued, Fluency is the most successful tool for the learner to communicate and speak in a particular language. Furthermore, fluency improves a better way of communication between the learner and his/her teacher (Wolf, 2008). It is also
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