The Importance of Food Packaging

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Due to the constant requirements of high nutritional food without relinquish safety and convenience, the food industry had to adapt itself. Those changes can be seen in the packaging industry[1]. It has longer focusing only in an inert barrier against external contamination, the packaging industry is applying new technologies which aim to interact with the product increasing its shelf-life[2]. Food packaging has been also considered a preservation system[3]. This concept has been strengthened by the advent of novel food packaging technology, such as active packaging. Active packaging can be defined as a packaging technology which prolongs shelf-life, inhibits changes in chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics[4]. There are a number of active packaging techniques that have been developed in order to limit the changes in food that might occur during storage. In addition to prevent or reduce changes, there are some methods that has as goal the intention to inform consumers about the safety of products (intelligent packaging)[2]. Those methods aim to absorb oxygen, ethylene, carbon dioxide, moisture, external flavours. Other methods are implementing antimicrobial growth elements, antioxidants and different chemical elements to improve the shelf-life without change the quality of the product [4]. Technologies which apply those concepts are being discussed in this work such as O2 scavenging, adicionar os trens que forem colocados!!!!!!!!!!

O2 scavenging
Many cases
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