The Importance of Freedom of Speech in Higher Education

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Freedom of speech is the right given to every individual. Everyone has been given the right to speak their mind and share their opinions. This right is always important but in higher learning, it is essential. Without freedom of speech the whole idea of higher education would just be a contradiction. When an institute of higher education tries to resist this right the whole purpose of the institute becomes contradicted. One needs their right to freely speak their mind for higher education to be a successful venture. The right to free speech is essential in higher education because it gives the individual the chance to fearlessly be who they are, the mind substance to develop and, the opportunity to bring better ideas about. If one is to…show more content…
The only way an institute of higher education can encourage this is by giving students the rights to speak freely and to keep their privacy. When one can speak their mind they receive the opportunity to develop their mind. Say a student says that they believe something is in the wrong. This gives someone else the opening to oppose that belief and give reasoning. Just this one interaction can change that one student’s belief and further expand their mind. If a campus were like University of Cincinnati and had a small area designated for free speech, a student wouldn’t be as likely to have as many of these exchanges. In college there are many different people, who have completely diverse beliefs, and a student has thousands of opportunities to take these differences and change their mind for the better. College is where many people learn what they believe and discover who they truly are but if a campus restricts development of the mind this is lost. Many ideas are based off of the thoughts of others. At college, students are researching or coming up with ideas all the time. When an institute tries to limit the freedom of speech the amount of unique ideas are also restricted. If a person were to try developing a product without the input of others, they couldn’t make the product the best it could be. Restricting speech also stops better solutions from coming about. A great example

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