The Importance of Gaining Knowledge Essay

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The phrase “Knowledge is Power” is carved into the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Inside one can find artifacts from centuries past and present. Throughout the many rooms divided by time periods and world powers, there are numerous relics depicting the differences between class systems and how knowledge has increased throughout the ages. The increase of knowledge can be linked to the success and power of each world power. Likewise, books highlight these same differences and link learning and knowledge to freedom and success. There are also many examples that concentrate on the connection between social class and the ability to gain knowledge. In the “Land of Opportunity”, James W. Loewen emphasizes the tie between class systems and knowledge by arguing that many times individuals in a higher class system have more opportunities to learn and become successful, while those in a lower social class have fewer opportunities to gain knowledge. In contrast, Frederick Douglass disputes this generalization by expressing his personal experience as a slave, and how gaining knowledge gave him the power and a sense of freedom. In both of these pieces, knowledge is a crucial factor in each individual’s achievements; however an individual’s social status is not the deciding factor to increasing knowledge and success. Determination and a desire to use power gained from knowledge in beneficial ways can be more powerful than social barriers.
Many times, determination is…