The Importance of Going to College

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Is only knowledge that is deserved to learn at college? Will a man be brilliant if he is a studying machine? Will your mother be satisfied with you if you cannot even take care of yourself? As science and

technology develops, more and more students choose to go to college

instead of working after they graduate from high school. Their parents

are strongly for this in that they can command more skills, or else they

will be in a lower status in the society full of competition. Some may

ask why we should go to college. From my point of view, not only should

students learn knowledge in four years, but also they should learn

how to cooperate with others, how to step into society in advance, how

to take care of themselves as well as how to broaden their horizons in their tedious studying


According to the opinion of a bloger blogger named Bing Xinjie, the greatness of a college is not lying in its buildings but is lying

in that there are many brilliant people (Bing, 2011) . Every school absolutely

has people or matters that affect us very much, so we are supposed to make sufficient use

of resources in our school. Besides, college provides us with an easy atmosphere

for studying which we do need to take good advantage of to learn

something that we like or that we think is of great significance. She also

implies that it is the way we think and the ability of solving the problems by

ourselves that we are supposed to improve.
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