The Importance of Government As Shown In "Lord of the Flies"

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Without government, society degenerates and people lose their capacity for moral behaviour. Survivors in Haiti say that if other countries had not provided aid and restored order, there would be much more violence and everyone would only serve themselves. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the author uses the events on the island to demonstrate that people require government to restrain their impulses. The creation of a democratic government with Ralph as chief allows the inhabitants of the island to make decisions together and take everyone’s viewpoint into consideration. Soon, however, the democracy begins to be disregarded. When Jack creates a dictatorship, he fails to restrain the impulsive behaviour of the boys, which…show more content…
This reflects the fact that the boys are losing their respect for order. Making fire with the glasses also has a potential opposite meaning: the boys could be saved by intellectualism. Unfortunately, this doesn’t occur. William Golding uses the chaotic way the boys make the fire as an example of the growing disorder in their society. The fire they build burns up a large portion of the island’s forest and kills one of the littluns. Later on, the hunters neglect to tend the fire despite Jack’s promise that they will take that job. In the ensuing argument Jack attacks Piggy and breaks one side of his glasses. This is more disrespect for intellect. After Samneric tell how they escaped (what they thought was) the beast, Jack ignores the exclusive speech right granted by the conch, saying that it doesn’t count anymore. He says that only some of the boys should be allowed to speak and others should be silent. “We know who ought to say things. What good did Simon do speaking, or Bill, or Walter?” Because the shell is a symbol of democracy, this disregard means Jack and his supporters would prefer to just ignore those individuals they don’t like. Soon after this dispute, Jack decides to leave and start his own tribe. The basis for this has already occurred, after the discovery of the beast when some boys sided with Ralph and the signal fire, and some with Jack and having fun. The
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