The Importance of HRM in an Organization

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Human resources provide powerful tools by which an organization can attract and retain top talent within their respective industry. HRM also provides insights into potential aspects that top candidates find attractive within a given industry. It is through these insights that the company can heighten its overall performance through HRM. Due primarily to these essential functions, HRM continues to innovate with the context of a more global work environment. Macys Inc. is no different in this regard. As a retail company predicated on changing consumer sentiments, it must continually innovate its HRM to attract competent individuals. Macroeconomic conditions are of primary concern to Macys as the changing demand for its products must be met with a quick response in regards to price and product. Talent individuals must be attracted to the company who can effectively achieve this objective. Through HRM, and the subsequent plan that follows, Macys Inc. will be in better position in which to effectively do so.

Company Description

To begin, Macys is privileged to have a sustainable competitive advantage in regards to distribution and brand awareness. Macy's Inc. is one of the nation's largest and well known department store chains. Started over 150 years ago, Macy's has continually been at the cutting edge of fashion trends and consumer demand. Currently, in the midst of a global…
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