The Importance of Helping Others

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One time I had to help my friend Louie. We had been at my house and he forgot to turn his lights off in his old pickup. He went to start it and it would not turn over, he realized that he left his lights on. I brought my pickup over to try and jump start his pickup. I wasted a quarter tank of gas revving up my truck to try to provide more power. At this point we gave up, we then realized that we could roll start his pickup. I pulled his truck with my truck up the bump to my sloped driveway. He got rolling, popped the clutch, and off he went.
Being able to help someone is a great advantage in life. I love helping people and to be able to help my friend in his moment of need is a great pleasure in my life. When he got that truck going it
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BeoWulf is placed on the spectrum somewhere toward the top between robin hood and man in the water because he was very courageous and strong but he did not give the ultimate gift like man in the water but he was not acting evil as Robin Hood was. The Man in the Water showed great generosity when it comes to human nature which put him at the top of the spectrum. There is a difference between Man in the Water and BeoWulf because BeoWulf is not as high up as Man in the water is on the spectrum.
The evidence that I have shown on Man in the Water shows that this man was willing to risk everything for complete strangers. It shows me that this man is willing to do anything for his fellow man and he is a true hero. This man is on the top of the spectrum in every way possible. He is at the top because he gave the greatest gift possible, and continued to give it to everyone till he died for his good deeds. The spectrum contains good and bad characters and this man was definitely very good.
In Robin Hood Robin’s actions put him on both ends of the spectrum he is good
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