The Importance of Homeschooling

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Bullet casings hit the floor as the young gunman who is dressed in army gear continues to relentlessly kill any humans that move in front of him: teachers, staff, and students. The fire alarm blares at a deafening tone throughout the school drowning out all other noises. The gunman creeps down the hallway as he passes crumpled, bloodied bodies of people that he’s shot. Eventually making his way down to the school’s cafeteria, he meets up with his comrade who is also disguised in army gear. The two gunmen, both students at the school, soon decide to take their own lives in the library of Columbine High School. Considered to be one of the worst school shootings in history, this event put many parents on edge and caused many more to home…show more content…
These colleges specifically have recruiters that search for home school students based on how well they do on their tests (Romanowski 2006). Home school students also become active in their communities by having their parents take them to public forums and to community service events (Romanowski 2006). In his article “Revisiting the common myths about homeschooling” Mr. Romanowski gives several examples where students become more involved in their communities and credits it to them having parental involvement (Romanowski 2006). Another huge learning advantage to homeschooling is that the students can be taught according to their own beliefs. Home schooled children can start off with a prayer to help them with their work and that can help them to have guidance in their studies. Home schooled children can also use approved religious workbooks to learn out of so that they are learning by their religious beliefs and also learning for what the secular world requires (Kleist-Tech 1998). Many of the children's parents believe that they have been "called upon by God" to teach their children and that causes home schooled children to learn better because they have that religious background to help them feel comfortable (Kleist-Tech 1998). Home schooled children are also able to learn and embrace certain values and beliefs that they wouldn't be able to learn in a
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