The Importance of Implementing Ergonomics Aspect for Manufacturing Company

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THE IMPORTANCE OF IMPLEMENTING ERGONOMICS ASPECT FOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY SECTION-I INTRODUCTION In the manufacture industry, companies always facing problems related with the effort to determine appropriate job design that can increase the productivity of the employee. The job design itself constitutes of an approach to arrange and or specifies the task that constitutes a job for an individual or a group. According to Heizer and Render (2006) the job design activities consist of seven components: (1) job specialization, (2) job expansion, (3) psychological components, (4) self-directed teams, (5) motivation and incentive system, (6) ergonomics and work methods, and (7) the visual workplace. One of the problems in the…show more content…
The reason is that our 98.6˚F body temperature is maintained by the “burning” of fuel (food) in a normal external environment of lower temperatures. Many organization now, instead of heating their work areas during colds period of the year also use air conditioner during the hot (or smoggy) period of the year. Even advance technological equipment often requires close environmental monitoring of temperatures. For the human, however, temperature is not the only important environmental variable. Figure 1. Temperature-humidity comfort zone 90 Comfort Zone 80 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Humidity Illumination The proper lighting of the workforce, in intensity, contrast, and color, is an important element of work design. Few things are irritating as not being able to see what you are doing. Table 1 list the accepted illumination levels of various situations and task based on American Illumination Engineering Society Standards. Worker generally prefer natural to artificial light, perhaps as much for claustrophic reason as anything else. But natural light varies considerably in intensity, from 800 foot candles on a bright
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