The Importance of Increasing Student Engagement in the Classroom

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Application 4: Engaging Instruction Engaging Instruction Engaging students in the classroom can be a difficult task. Understanding the process of how students learn can help a teacher adapt the lesson to meet the needs of all students. I will encounter students that are not intrinsically motivated so I will need to find different ways to motivate each and every student. Understanding how my students learn can provide me with insights as to how to help each student learn which will minimize classroom management problems. It is important for my students to understand and value learning goals in the classroom. At the start of every chapter students will be supplied an outline of what they are going to encounter in the upcoming weeks.…show more content…
265). Incorporating how students would like to receive instruction matched to their learning styles and strengths will increase student motivation to succeed. It is important for me as the teacher to know what instructional strategies work with each student. When students are presented with information in a manner they feel comfortable with they will be less likely to misbehave during class time. It is essential that students receive realistic and immediate feedback that enhances self-efficacy. It is imperative that I return student work in a timely fashion so they can reflect on their work because “students’ achievements are enhanced by providing them with information about their current level of performance followed by specific learning tasks aimed at mastering the material” (Jones & Jones, p. 285). I will be able to correct faulty thinking by my students when I return their work in a timely fashion which will prevent future mistakes over the same topic. It is vital to the success of my students that they experience a safe, well-organized learning environment in my classroom. It is a necessity that students feel safe and comfortable in the classroom so I can challenge them to reach their goals in a
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