The Importance of Industrial Cleaning and Sanitizing in the Food Industry

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Working in the food service industry cleaning and sanitizing play a very important role, they help in preventing cross contamination and reducing pathogens to a safe level. It is important that managers train employees in proper cleaning and sanitizing to reduce and eliminate the risks mentioned above. Below i will be explaining the difference between cleaning and sanitizing and how each differs from each other and, I will also explain when and how cleaning and sanitizing should be done. Cleaning removes food and other dirt from a surface some factors that affect cleaning are: type and condition of the dirt, water hardness, water temperature, different surfaces, agitation or pressure and, length of treatment. There are many types of cleaners that can be used to clean like detergents, delimers, degreasers and, abrasive cleaners these are often used for different jobs and help in the cleaning process. To clean a surface one should use a nylon brush, pad, or a cloth towel depending on the type of surface being cleaned. Cleaning should be the first step when using a three compartment sink, and before putting dishes into the dishwasher. Furthermore when cleaning one should scrape or remove food bits from the surface then proceed to, wash, rinse and, sanitize. Sanitizing reduces the pathogens on a surface to safe levels and it is done by using heat or chemicals. When using a heat sanitizing method the water must be at least 171°F (77°C) and, must be soaked for at least 30
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