The Importance of Innovation Architecture

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The Importance of Innovation Architecture Grand Canyon University: ENT-435 11/16/2014 Here is a reminder from the syllabus about the assignment requirements: For this assignment, you will research the innovation architecture of at least three companies that are well-known for successfully supporting a culture of innovation. Write a 1,500-word paper that addresses the following: 1. What particular elements of each organization’s culture, processes, and management systems and styles work well to support innovation? 2. Why do you think these organizations have been able to capitalize on innovation and intrapreneurship while others have not? 3. Based on what you have learned, what processes and systems might actually…show more content…
In addition, I will review how certain processes and systems could hinder innovation. Lastly, I will explain what organizational structures or processes could foster a culture of innovation at my present employer. [Good work suggesting the scope and purpose for the assignment. I’ll look to see how you make your points including your research and support for your analysis.] Google, Inc. is a corporation that is known for innovation and amazing leadership practices. Google’s greatest innovation may actually be its managerial practice. Google is not led by a single CEO, but by a team that gives it immense strategic and management strength. (Nussbaum, n.d.) Engineers at Google are able to work on their ongoing projects 4 days out of the 5 day work week, and one day a week is designated for potential ideas of their own choice. (Sawyer, 2009) Google has innovation reviews, where each executive presents the most promising ideas from within his own division. The CEO is at these innovation reviews to listen to these innovative ideas. Another way to ensure that some of these ideas have the opportunity to be developed is to allow the engineers to work on these ideas for more than one day a week and in some cases full time. Allowing time to be creative and develop ideas is embracing the art of innovation and
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