The Importance of Learning English

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The problem was when the doctor asked her in English about the problem with her son, she could not answer the doctor’s question because she does not speak any other languages than Arabic. Unfortunately there was not anyone who can speak Arabic in that private hospital so she started to use sign language to explain the problem, but that did not work. There are many people who face this problem everyday and everywhere not just in hospitals but also in banks, restaurants and shops. The best solution is that English should be the main language spoken in all the schools in the country because English plays a major role in many departments in Qatar like education, medicine, engineering and business so its importance should not be denied in our life.
English should be the main language taught in schools in Qatar because English is required for admission to many universities. Furthermore, many students study using computer programs and searching some websites that are mostly in English. Students in Qatar University use computer programs for their presentations and assignments. Learning English helps the students understand science easier because almost all science theories are in English.
Knowing English gives graduates more job opportunities in the future. Many people get interviewed for jobs in English. English is one of the important requirements for many jobs like…
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