The Importance of Learning Materials in the Learning Process

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION The chapter presents the background information, statement of the problem, study purpose, objectives, and hypotheses to be tested, scope and lastly the significance of the study regarding the impact of using instructional materials in enhancing student’s performance in sciences within selected secondary schools in Luwero District. 1.1 Background to the study In secondary schools and other educational institutions worldwide successful teaching and learning is measured by academic performance. Academic performance refers to how well a student meets standards set out by education ministry and the institution itself. Academic performance is as a result of psychological, socio-economic and environmental factors (Syed &…show more content…
Instructional materials are widely regarded as a key component of Science instruction because most sciences are activity based explorations into the natural world. It is widely accepted that science is better taught using the discovery method that is guided or unguided inquiry or the experimental method. Students are always encouraged to discover for themselves through spontaneous interaction with the environment. The use of this method is based on student participation and involves amongst others identifying problems, posing relevant questions, performing efficient and effective experiments and making judgment and interpreting data. Students therefore learn to discover, learn from discovery and learn by discovery which is possible when the teacher uses instructional materials. This requires a high level of interaction between the teacher, the area of study, available resources and the learning environment. Activity based learning makes the subject matter more comprehensive, minimizes forgetting and is more likely to lead to transfer of knowledge and to acquire favourable attitude towards a particular science subject and learning in general. Students can easily progress from elementary to advanced learning. Therefore students are likely to be highly motivated, score highly on tests, gain critical insight and participate in out-class study. Therefore, achievement and skills improve when science is taught in activity based curriculum that is
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