The Importance of Learning Spanish in American Schools

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When a child begins elementary education in American schools throughout the country, they begin to learn the essential classes: Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. These classes are taught early on to develop a child’s ability to succeed in these classes, as they will learn concepts from these classes that help them in life. Spanish education is a subject that has brought debate among educators. With a rise in Spanish speaking people in America, the question has shifted from should English speaking students learn Spanish, to when should said students begin to take Spanish? Many parents are beginning to see that their children need to learn the Spanish language, and that a good time to learn it would be earlier on in life. The Spanish language is a beneficial opportunity for children to expand their minds, learn a new language, and even be exposed to different culture that will benefit them in their everyday lives and open more opportunities for them in the future. Many often wonder what could possibly be the benefits of their child learning a foreign language, especially trying to learn it as early as say first or second grade. Well, learning Spanish presents many benefits in today’s America. Look at the job market; employers are always excited for the chance to hire a person who is bilingual. Even at a place such as McDonald’s, a bilingual cashier has the opportunity to help and serve more customers than a cashier who only speaks in English. The Latino
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