The Importance of Letters

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In a period before telephones or cheap fast transportation, letter writing was very important to many families of Jane Austen’s day. Many 18th century literary works were in the form of a series of letters between the characters, such as Pride and Prejudice, this is written in epistolary form. Letters were the main form of communication between people, either near or far. In case of emergency, if the sender could afford it, the letter could be sent by a private messenger on horseback or by coach. In Jane Austen's day, there were no envelopes, or postage stamps, and the "envelope" mentioned in connection with Caroline Bingley's letter and Darcy's letter was merely another sheet of paper folded around the rest. It was the recipient, rather …show more content…
Darcy shows his true feelings when ending his letter to Elizabeth too, ‘God bless you’, this is a kind and gentle ending to his letter that has been full of emotion and explanations for his actions. After reading Darcy’s letter Elizabeth is stunned and she begins to understand Darcy a little better as she started to think he was rude and arrogant, Elizabeth is ashamed that she judged Darcy without thinking about how he was feeling. This particular letter was hand-delivered to Rosings by Darcy himself, this conveys the love he has for Elizabeth and just how much he cares about her and was upset when he hurt her feelings even when she was to blame too.

Public letters are widely used through Pride and Prejudice when the subject is of great urgency. The letter from Mr Gardiner to Mr Bennet announcing the settlement of negotiations with Mr Wickham is made public as it is read aloud for all to hear, ‘at last I am able to send you some tidings of my niece,… Mr Wickham’s circumstances are not so hopeless as they are generally believed to be… my niece should be married from this house’, the announcements from this letter cause uproar in the Bennet household as Lydia is ruined because she has married Wickham and the Bennet’s know this, however some of
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