The Importance of Managing Diversity

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Diversity Managing Diversity “Diversity can be considered and dimension that differentiates a person from another” (Noe, p 432). Diversity brings considerable benefits. Decision making and improved problem solving are great examples of what diversity can help with. Diversity also brings greater creativity and innovation, which leads to better product development; and more successful marketing to different types of customers. Diversity provides organizations with the ability to compete in global markets. Managers have an important part in diversity. A manager can help guide people to use the benefit of innovation and inclusion in the organization. Human Resources (HR) is often in charge of managing many aspects of diversity in organizations. These aspects include the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and reward of employees. Project managers and other managers who employees directly work or directly report to can also guide inclusion practices. Diversity also contributes to communication and career development practices over the course of an employee's career with an organization. “Managing diversity and inclusion involves creating an environment that allows all employees to contribute to organizational goals and experience personal growth” (Noe, p 432). Diversity Training Program The Diversity Training Program is a program that every organization needs. Since we are rapidly expanding, we have more people that we must integrate into the company. These
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