The Importance of Marketing Plan in Telecommunications Industry

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Telecommunications industry is one of the major industries, whose competition is so intensive due to the dynamic changes in the technology. New technologies are introduced day-to-day so as to win the competitive advantage. Local and long distance telephone services, fibre optics, satellite, Internet and wireless communications are few of many technology related business sectors which are continuing to advance rapidly; result to quickly customer preferences. In case of Pivotech Company LTD, the technology applied is GSM and CDMA operations applied on mobile phones. They save clients such as tiGO to provide service on a particular powering the BSS and BTS Stations by using generators and servicing them too. In order for the company to be…show more content…
Every developed plan should contain objectives, strategies and tactics; an objective as the what, the strategy the how, and the tactic the execution. Objectives state what the goals to accomplish are. They should be measurable so as to know whether or not they were achieved by the end of the plan year. Therefore, each objective should have a goal, a control, and a completion date. A strategy states how the objectives are going to be achieved. For example, it could relate to an objective pertaining to exhibiting at a particular trade show, developing a dynamic personality for the business or introducing a new service. A tactic is the execution of the strategy. If a strategy calls for exhibiting at a trade show, the tactic provides the details, such as who will book the space and who will build the exhibit. The first and most overreaching of your plans is the Strategic Plan and there appears to be a lot of confusion about its purpose. It is deciding "what are the right things to do." By that it is meant by selecting the right markets to be, basing on the profit potential of a market and whether the business has, or can acquire, the business strengths needed to be competitive. Many companies skip this step and start immediately to plan on what to do with what they have. The problem with this is, what they have may not be right. In the strategic planning, to envies the parameters of markets and field of

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