The Importance of Memory

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The importance of memory What will happen if all human lost their memory? What if we can’t remember anything anymore? Can our society keep running? Can we live? The answer is simple. We can’t live without memory and the modern society will be destroyed. Here I’ll explain to you one by one. Memory plays a big role in our life. It is the processes by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Everything we see, we do, we think, will goes to memory and transform to implicit or explicit memory. Which will be saved in our brain. We could recall it anytime, even I’m using my implicit memory to type this report. Simply, our daily life is formed by memory, without it, we’re nothing. Why? If we don’t have memory, we can’t learn.…show more content…
But it’s impossible that all human lost both his explicit and implicit memory, so the above parts is only a imagination. Let’s move on and talk about those people who have memory disorders such as Amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease. Memory disorders hinders the storage, retention and recollection of memories. That means their memory system are malfunctioned. The consequences could be very serious. Assume that i have Alzheimer’s disease, If i forget to lock my car, i i may lost it. If i forget to turn off my gas stove, it may cause explosion and I’ll die. As you can see, If we have memory disorders, we’ll face many troubles in our life, some are even life-threatening. Throw the with or without away, I’m now move on to next point. Which is how memory affect our personality and behaviour. Everyone got their own special personality. Memory has a deep influence on our personality, especially the early memories like your childhood. The best way to learn how early memories affect personality is to look at an example that analyzes someone 's early memories. Here is one early memories of a middle aged man:“My little sister ate all the sweets in the box then when my mother asked her who did it she said that i am the one who ate them. I felt really angry”. Its clear that this guy has developed the belief that women are evil and that was perfectly aligned with his unexplained fear of the opposite sex. According to individual psychology all of the person 's
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