The Importance of Mercutio to the Plot and Action of Romeo and Juliet

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The Importance of Mercutio to the Plot and Action of Romeo and Juliet

I believe that, although Mercutio is introduced to the play quite late and his death occurs not too long after, much of the play's action, interesting dialogue and comic relief revolves around him, making Mercutio quite a central character.

It is Mercutio who inadvertently brings the two lovers together for the first time when he lures Romeo to the gathering at Lord Capulet's residence

'Nay gentle Romeo, we must have you dance' ==========================================

With these words Mercutio is attempting to entice Romeo into a playful and social mood and this gives us an insight into Mercutio's personality-
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Without Mercutio I think Romeo would be lost in a world of melancholy and depression. Mercutio's well-meaning, but sometimes harsh, words to Romeo appear to keep him grounded and his mind off more serious thoughts and ideas

'You are a lover; borrow Cupid's wings,

And soar above a common bound'

This is a typical statement from Mercuito. He realises Romeo's plight but at the same time continues his realistic views and makes light of the situation. To this Romeo replies in an almost depressed manner highlighting further his seriousness

'I am too sore enpierced with his shaft =======================================

To soar with his light feathers; and so bound

I cannot bound a pitch above a dull woe:

Under love's heavy burden do I sink.

Without Mercutio's input I think Romeo would constantly harbour these pessimistic views and his love for Juliet, or any other, would be less likely to exist.

It is not until later in the play that we realise Mercutio's importance to both
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