The Importance of Morphological Awareness and Phonological Awareness to Reading

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These elements are morphological awareness and phonological awareness (Everatt and AL-Sharhan et al. 2011, pp. 127--133). The two skills in reading are important in that they affect the word decoding according to the alphabetic orthography. The orthographies act as the maps for the oral language. This means that the phonemes in the language ought to be attained in order for the student to have the ability to decode words in the alphabetic orthography. The phonemic awareness isevident in English language and other languages. The need of the phonemic awarenesscannot be disputedin the children that are bilingual. The alphabetic orthographies are also representative of the morphemic units. In the event that one is provided with a two layered language structure, the morphological awareness also contributes in a significant manner in the development of the reading skills in the alphabetic orthography (Schmid 2013, pp. 117--123). In the limited research conducted on the children that are predominantly English speaking, there is evidence that the children with the well-developed language has both well-developed morphological awareness and in the reading and in the speaking. The different languages that the students may have depict different levels of development in terms of the morphological and phonological awareness (Everatt and AL-Sharhan et al., 2011, pp.…
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