The Importance of Motivation in Business

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Motivation is one of the most important factors in managing a successful business. Motivation is needed for employees to reach their potential. Many people say that no one can motivate another person, but what they mean is that motivation is found only within that person (Mosley Jr, Mosely Sr. and Pietri 195). Motivation is defined as giving of reason to act or the act of giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something. Managers and supervisors would like to attempt to give their workers an incentive to perform their best. What are the ways managers and supervisors can motivate their employees? There are three levels of motivation and each level determines how much motivation an employee contains (Mosley Jr, Mosely Sr. and Pietri 198). The first level is the direction the employee behaves or what desirable way the employee behaves. The Second level is how hard the individual works to perform that behavior. Finally, the third level is an employee’s persistence, which means when the employee is faced with troubles and tribulation, how hard does he or she keep trying to pursue a behavior (Mosley Jr, Mosely Sr. and Pietri 197). Thus according to Mosley Jr, Mosely Sr. and Pietri (197), the direction of behavior plus level of effort plus level of persistence equals employee motivation. Numerous managers and supervisors compare performance to an employee’s motivation, but this is a mistake. Some people will automatically conclude the better an employee’s motivation the
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