The Importance of Music

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Normally, music and art classes aren’t valued as much as core classes corresponding to mathematics, literature, or science. Art and music education prepares students with skills needed in the career field of their choice (Facts 1-3). Music is one of the world’s greatest economic imports, whether it be instruments or songs being bought on iTunes. Music training can improve people’s motor and reasoning skills. Children who have had over three or more years of musical instrument lessons performed better than those who have not in their abilities to determine differences in sounds and in their fine motor skills. The value of music education in children has been studied for decades. Because the early ages of development within a child’s life are the most important, music education has been proven to enhance a child’s learning ability. Music has a positive influence on behavior, proves better performance in academics and education, and helps with child development.

Music can be inspiring to anyone who is willing to lend an ear. It tells a story and evokes emotion from the listener. The two emotions related to music are perceived and felt emotions. Sometimes people may understand the emotions portrayed by a piece of music without actually feeling them, which is why some people enjoy listening to music that…
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