Essay on The Importance of My Acceptance into Mayfield

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The world is always changing, sometimes for that better and other times for the worst. For me, that one change was the one thing that I’d always needed. The event that changed my life was the day I received my acceptance into Mayfield. My admission into Mayfield led on a string of changes that helped me finally accept who I really was as a person and helped me appreciate the value of friendship.
It’s difficult to accept yourself when others don’t, but when I got into Mayfield all of that changed for the better. Growing up, I was always a well-mannered kid with my own personal hobbies and interests. The problem was, I was never like everybody else, so I was a very well-known outcast. I was very much fascinated by the Arts however; everybody else I knew was pretty much against it. Plus it didn’t help the fact that, truthfully, I was a major tomboy as well. Although I made a few friends, I was always considered different and weird in everything from interests to even the types of clothes I wore. The only thing we all pretty much had in common was the fact that we were all similar ethnicities, but even then I never fitted in. Everybody would be listening to Indian music and making snarky comments to each other in foreign languages whereas no matter how much I tired, I couldn’t understand any of the words. When I got to Mayfield, I met so many students who shared similar passions to mine and people began to accept me for who I really was. I made friends with students who…