The Importance of Neonatal Nursing 'Bonding with Patients'

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Stability is the key to have healthy patients. Neonatal Nurses are incredible nurses to have in the healthcare facility. All Nurses can provide the same care and dependability in caring for their patient. Nurses are very consistent in the job that they perform. Being consistent, is a very good quality a nurse should have. Nurses gain feelings, and heavier bonds with their patients than doctors. Nurses grow more attached to their patients because of the care provided. Doctor’s have a lot of patients that they have to provide for and prescribe medicine to, so trying to bond with patients is not a huge goal for them as it is for a nurse. Nurses develop their patients to feel welcome and that they can be trusted to provide the patient the…show more content…
Nurses may also have to be considerate of others, to fulfill the curiosity of the parents and family members. If a parent or guardian of an infant has questions and need information about their child the nurse should be able to provide that information as needed, and thoroughly do so. Nurses also have to be able to communicate through gestures, skin tone, or physical appearances. Taking heed in an infants action is a way of informing the health care professional that something is wrong. If an infant’s skin tone is pale, red or irritated, constant crying, a body part is missing or placed where it does not belong for a normal human being, if their posture is incorrect are all signs of something’s wrong and the infant is in pain. A neonatal nurse has up to at least six patient’s daily. Priorities are expected of the nurses everyday. They do have rules and laws that apply to them to protect the care of the patients. Their job is by far the most important, just as any other position in the healthcare field. Neonatal nurses develop strong relationships with these infants because their always providing constant care for them. Providing care for someone can eventually lead to caring for them and making sure they are getting the proper care they need to survive, prosper into being a healthy infant. Nurses sometimes develop friendships for a lifetime and some for a short term time period. Neonatal nurses bond with
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