The Importance of Nursing Roles

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The Importance of Nursing Roles Nurses have always been the backbone of healthcare and first response teams. Nurses are the first interaction a patient will have. The observations that a nurse makes through symptom analysis will aid the doctor in diagnosing the patient. This paper will first give a brief history of nursing and nursing roles and will focus on nursing theories and theorists. This paper will answer the question of how nursing theories helped to structure the nursing profession of today. In conclusion, this paper will focus on the importance of nursing roles in the modern healthcare system. British nursing has paved the way in the primary health care field of today (Salvage, 2009). Victorian district nurses were the first…show more content…
Treat patients holistically (body, mind, and spirit) and take care of them with positive regard. As a health professional, you should promote health through positive intervention and knowledge and spending time uninterrupted with the patients is essential (Watson, 1985). The conventional hospital treatment model theorized a care delivery system determined by technology, diagnosis, and treatment of acute illness (Smith & Smith, 2012). The shifting trend is towards managed care environments, integrated with a caring-healing emphasis; this trend holds promises for transforming both practices and hospital settings (Watson, 1999, 2003). The new caring-healing practice environment is dependent on partnerships, negotiation, and coordination. The emphasis is on a change of perception, a focused intentionality towards caring and healing relationships (Watson, J., 2002 Intentionality and caring-healing consciousness, pp. 14). Although theorists have yet to explain, exactly what caring is, one thing is for certain, if nurses do not care appropriately, they will make things worse for their patients and themselves. By pretending to have the feelings they think they should, behaving with self-sacrifice while becoming resentful of their patients and negligent of themselves will cause stress and burnout (Richard, L. et al., 2010). Most health care professionals would agree that
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