The Importance of Organic Farming

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Introduction Agriculture has been around for thousands of years, and to this day is one of the most reliable ways to obtain the correct foods for a healthy diet. It has had to evolve to sustain for an exponential growth of the human population, making it that more important to increase crop yields while also having a shorter growing season. Though this may seem intriguing to the consumer, industrial farming methods has extremely detrimental effects on biodiversity, and on the soil itself. These methods have been by far the most efficient way of obtaining large amounts of food in a short amount of time, but if one starts to consider the problems that industrial farming causes from a biodiversity and economic standpoint, new environmentally friendly solutions will have to be perused in the future to maintain a healthy population worldwide. To be able to start a field for growing crops to support large amounts of people, a field must be bought from a previous owner or a new field has to be made. In the US however, it is not uncommon for retired farmers to lend their land or sell it to new generations, keeping forested areas intact. On the other hand, According to “Morton”, the estimated area of tropical forest converted directly to large-scale crop production during 2000 to 2004 in Brazil ranged from 785 to 2,150 km2 per year. That is a lot of land, knowing that would roughly be like clear cutting a third of St Louis County every single year. This figure gives a global
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