The Importance of Organization in a Police Department

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The organization of a police department plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the police department. There are three major concepts you should consider when organizing a police department. They are as follows: area, time, and purpose. I will briefly discuss each concept as it relates to the organization and effectiveness of the police department. The area that any given police department is responsible for plays a huge part in it organization. For example, if a police department is responsible for patrolling twenty four square miles, then you might only have one precinct or division. A precinct, as stated in the text, is simply the entire collection of beats and sectors in a given geographic area (Dempsey & Forst, 2005). One…show more content…
Today, more and more police departments are experimenting with a twelve hour for three days or a ten hour for four days shifts. Tour conditions also play a key part in how shifts are made up and assigned. If the majority of crimes occur during the evening or night watch, then a police department will probably have more officers assigned to the night watch. This will allow for officers to respond to emergency cars in a much quicker
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